1. Country: Egypt


2. Summary of hallmarking system: The hallmark is made up of several elements including: a mark denoting the type of metal, the year of the marking single mark indicating metal and fineness.  


3. Ministry responsible:


Name and contact details Member IAAO

Ministry of Support and Internal Commerce

Phone: 27948184 التليفون: 27958481- 27948224 – 27944338

Fax: +97444139577

Web site:



4. Contact Point for Hallmarking Information:


Name and contact details Member IAAO

Alaa Ashor Mohamed

Phone: 0097450334795

Fax: 0097444139577


Assay and Wights Adminstration


7. A legal hallmark in the (country) comprises (how many) marks:

(i)         A sponsor’s mark.

(ii)        A millesimal fineness mark.

(iii)       An assay office mark.




9. Finenesses accepted and fineness mark details:

  • Gold
Fineness (ppt) Symbol Traditional symbol

21kin Arabic form


18 k kin Arabic form

583.3 14k 14k
500 12 12k
375 9 9k
916 22 22k
  • Silver
Fineness (ppt) Symbol Traditional symbol

925 in Arabic form

900 900 900
800 800 800
600 600 600
  • Platinum
Fineness (ppt) Symbol Traditional symbol
850 850 850


  • Mixtures of precious metals and other metals and materials

Mixtures of precious metals and other metals and materials are allowed but technical restrictions apply.


10. Hallmarks accepted from other countries

(i)         Convention hallmarks

The Country is a signatory to The Vienna Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals and thus accepts items bearing Convention hallmarks.

 (ii)       National hallmarks – requirements

The (country) accepts national hallmarks from other countries as part of the Houtwipper ruling.  The marks must be intelligible and equivalent.  The definition of equivalence essentially follows the guidelines outlined by the Hallmarking Convention.